Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Today, I saw the movie "GRADUATION" at the art period. It is very famous movie. The hero, a boy is elite, is undecided whether he lives. He is in the dilenma between expectation of his parents and living by his intention. The last scene is so funny.
I think a worry is common to all nations at every time. And fictional stories tell us "be set free!" Good movie transcends borders.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A pub in Japan

I live in near Kinshicho, Sumida word. It is relatively big town, there are some big department stores. Another side of this town is watched at night.
Many pubs and bars opens, I can see many foreign women. Some are Filippine, other are people from Easten European countries. To my surprise, there are many Romanian in Kinshicho. Probably people calls thier friends, like China town of all over the world. In Takadanobaba, so many Myanmar people live. They are also in a small community. I feel a little regrettable.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Before daylight, the man from Peru was arrested for suspected killing a girl . Having nothing to do with it, who people will suffer is foreign labor. Almost of them are relatively serious. I know no one foreign people who is dishonest (sometimes it is danger...) .
In the near future, it is said Japan will need foreign labors. So, we think over a new relationship with them.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


The sumo wrestler Asashoryu (the name means "Blue Wolf") is very strong. he is from Mongol. This time battle at Kyushu, he will be win the victory. He is very sppedy and so powerful. He liftsies an oppnent wrestler heavier than him and carries to out of Dohyo(the battle circle). Japanese wrestlers can't be rival. Everybody pays attenntion at his succesive victory and other wrestler Kotooshu will be promoted to Ozeki (next to Yokozuna). Kotooshu come from Blugaria.
In the sumo world, the age is unnecessary, one's ability is first.
Some time ago, Asashoryu had a bad reputation. He had been strong but it was said hewas impolite. In the sumo world, tradition is very important. For example, women are prohibited entering Dohyo. After the battle, wrestler has to make a pose, writing "kokoro" (the heart) by right hand. But he did it by his dominent hand, left. He was criticized by a council well.
Now he does it by right hand. Who comments on his manners. He would be terribly distressed, I supoose. "When in Roma do as the Roman do." Understanding the tradition of other country is very difficult. However it is sometime more important than the languages.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Japan and China

These days, Japan-China-Korean problem is heated. About the history, the domain such as Takeshima and East CHina Sea, international matters are no end.
Apart from this question, I talk my Chinese acquaintance. His name is Ryu, a internatinal student. He works with me at the restaurant in Shibuya. we discuss about China at an interval. Firstly he talked his girl friend in china, worked at Japanese trading company. Her monthly Income is 80,000 yen, of course she get it yuan. He said it is comparetively high in his country. And her company gives her a living house and meal. It is certainly good treatment.
Next, we discuss about a superexpress in China, it is watched which is adopted Japan's Shinkansen technology, France's TGV or German's linear. Today, it is said Japan is a little advantage. He also recommend it because it is more cheaper and safety than else.
They are some part of our talking. In that time, what he likes Japan comes into me. In the public, negative parts of Japan and China oftenly take up but it may be small part I suppose. Media exaggerates frequently. For instance, Yomiuri (the most biggest newspaper) report China's situation every day. I sense it is always critical directly or indirectly. We have to know each country not the surface. So people like him will be a bridge between two country.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Few know the diversity?

Since when have we been conscious the diversity? I heard Japanese have awaked "we are Japanese" when they saw the black ship at Edo ere. This small island country is occupied by almost Japanese. Minorities have been ignored for along time. Why? It is easy question, it has been thought Japanese is de facto single nation. They have had no chance of being conscious the diversity and race. It is grief accompanied with single nation.
For example, when Japanese saw a foreigner(exclusion Asian people), they would suppose he could speak Japanese. There is an interesting anecdote, Takeshita road at Harajuku, it is popular with teen as the fashonable place. If you walked, you saw many Black people dealing Hip-Hop wear. We naturally think ther are American but carefully walking they don't speak English, maybe they don't make out. Probably some Japanese expect black come from U.S.A. I don't have hared such a language. They make use of thier black skin as the positive point. By the way, they are from mainly African countries such as Nigeria. It is surprising.
I think we (Japanese) are lacking of experience, internatinal sense. It comes to light a refugee ploblem in Japan. And everywhere it is said the times is meeting the globalization. But in our nation, it means only economic. Actually, I haven't sensed the globalization as the wide meaning. Before tolding the idel, we have to study empirically.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Last Sunday, I watched the movie "the Interpreter" which is the mysterious story. The leading actress is Nicole Kidman played UN interpreter who was implicated in a project of assasination. In the story, there are imaginary African country and Imaginary language "Goo".I watch it as if reality.
I heared it is the first time making afilm in the head office of UN, NY. There is the scene of general assembly, 191 nations speech their own policies. In the UN, only five persons who can speak "Goo". But they use it equaling in English in UN. I supposed the internatinal society,if it is an epitome, can admit all of diversities all over the world. How strong U.S.A. in miritary , general assembly gives equal power in international society.